“I hold myself to the highest of ethical standards. Our School Board should be no different.”

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Community Involvement

“I take an active role in our community and its’ well being.”

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“Her passion coupled with unwavering ethics has made her successful in any task that she has undertaken.”

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Why Patty is Running for SUSD School Board

As a strong proponent of public education, Patty and her husband have chosen to raise their twin girls in the Scottsdale Unified School District.  Patty believes in the foundation that a public education can provide to our children.

Excellent public schools also provide community service for neighborhoods, raise property values, and help to grow the local economy.

SUSD has a strong history of educational excellence.  Unfortunately, this history is being overshadowed by the financial and ethical issues facing this administration.  Patty is running because it is time for this to change. The kids, our parents, our teachers and our community expect better.

During her 20 years working in finance, Patty has held herself, and her employers have held her, to the highest of ethical standards.  Patty believes our School Board should be held to similar standards and exemplify integrity and ethics in handling our community’s hard-earned dollars.  No conflicts of interest should be permitted; and every vendor expense should be thoroughly assessed.

The focus should be on providing the students with the tools to achieve academic success.

Instead we are left with addressing constant, but legitimate, ethical concerns, low teacher morale and parents looking for other options. We owe it to our children to provide a stable, respectful and ethical learning environment.  Patty believes we need to remove the barriers that prevent us from effectively communicating with our teachers; so we can work together toward our common goal of allowing each child to reach their full potential.

This community values education and supports SUSD.  However, they also expect responsible stewardship of their tax dollars.  Ensuring that the district’s finances are being spent wisely, and with the best educational interest of the students in mind, will be my number one priority.  As a member of the SUSD School Board, Patty promises to lead by example and foster an environment of academic success for all SUSD, ultimately providing our students with the schools they deserve and the community with a district they can be proud of.